Which is better BYJU or Unacademy

Which is best: UNACADEMY or BYJUS

I have been using Unacademy for years and have used many other online learning apps (subscribed) and here is my opinion –

If you are preparing for any competitive exam like IITJEE / NEET then Unacademy is the best and only way to make your dreams come true.

If you are enjoying learning and preparing for the board exams, then a better view of all the subjects with visualization then you can try Byjus

You know that you have limited time to prepare, to cover a huge concept, and to sit with a large number of students… and you need to do it in a completely planned manner with an exam-oriented study plan should do.

I made Unacademy the best option available for any competitive exam preparation and I am sure that once you get into this platform, you will never think of going back.

Apart from all this, Unacademy Plus is soooo cost friendly which is no excuse for quality education.

And using my code, you will be assured of more discounts as well as gifts with your PLUS membership.

How to get the maximum discount on Plus:

The way to get a quick 10% discount is + Uncademy Reputed Tshirt (using my code only) –

If you have already subscribed to Unacademy then create a new account with a new phone number or email and subscribe to your course using the special code .

If you are new to Unacademy (not subscribed before) just subscribe to your course using the same code .

Q. Are courses on Unacademy free?

Considering the ongoing advancements concerning the Coronavirus outbreak Unacademy Teachers will take 20k Free Live Classes on the unacademy platform.

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